The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on households and communities. The way businesses, training institutions and ministries operated do not apply anymore.

Together we have to be creative and resilient to make every day count. In the past people engaged others in specific styles of communication for example marketing-centred or promotional interactions. At this stage the need of our clients are encouragement and healing-centred engagements.

Much of the cosmetic fluff has weathered and personal interaction and kindness are more important than ever. Customer loyalty is won by the way they are treated during these challenging times.

There are four lifestyle strengths you need to survive and build your business and practice that is relevant now. The priority strengths are consideration, reliability, flexibility and altruism.

Consideration refers to being cooperative and willing to volunteer where you can make a difference. This is the time to be peacemakers, rather than to stir strife and unnecessary conflict. The greatest culprits in stirring discord are fake news and political rhetoric while people’s lives are at stake.

Reliability bring faithfulness to the foreground. We need the tenacity not to give up, to be persistent in doing what is necessary and the willingness to change. This is dependability with loyalty and predictability.

Flexibility links to the willingness to change, because this allows personal growth and contentment. In other words, being diplomatic and happy to go along with change involving minimal stress.

Altruism is the generosity and self-motivation to make your community a better place. Helping others to feel loved and lovable. Motivating other people to learn and grow towards a better future.

The most important aspects for me to live a fulfilling life at this moment is holding on to the hope and staying rooted in my relationship with God. I am also grateful for my loved ones and friends.

How do we make a difference?

Aquilla Training’s online workshop library is growing at a steady rate, as we add at least two online workshops per month. We help you to stay up-to-date which gives you the confidence of knowing you are working with best practices.

You are being be supported within our caring and supportive learning environment from which you can develop and grow. You can access your learning anytime you want ... anywhere you choose ... using any device type — desktop or mobile. The online workshops can be accessed at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

After the workshop was published you can enrol at any time and work at your own pace. No unreasonable deadlines or other limitations. This means professionals can accumulate CPD points - no travel and accommodation required. Certificates are downloadable when you completed the final workshop assessment.

Some of the popular topics available online are:

Addressing bullying

Dealing with cyberbullying

Grieving children

Grieving parents

Reality of suicide

Support in a disaster (COVID-19 pandemic support) 52 short sessions - FREE!

Therapeutic value of art and play




ITN Regional workshops 2019


Bookings open on 2 January 2019


Aquilla Training Itinerary Workshops 2019

In 2019 Inter Trauma Nexus in conjunction with Aquilla Wellness Solutions, Aquilla Financial Solutions and Financial Planning Institute (FPI) will be conductiong workshops through out South Africa, approved by South African Council for Educators (SACE); Council for Pastoral and Spititual Counsellors (CPSC); Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP) and others.

The participant management system will be facilitated and managed by Aquilla Training.

It is possible to arrange workshops for your training institution, school, church or community organization.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Personal qualities

There are so many personal qualities in you that help you cope. These qualities cannot really be tested on a pen and paper test, but they come forward in distressing times. In this time you are going to find then you are stronger that you ever imagined.

Please download the resiliency infographic.

Invitation to CPD Workshop Tour

It is Inter Trauma Nexus and Aquilla Training’s privilege to invite you to our first CPD Workshop Tour for 2019. The facilitators are Rev Wynand Louw & Dr Barbara Louw.

Western Cape, Paarl


Session 1

08h00 - 11h00

Session 2

Starts at 12h00

Bonus Session

11h00 - 12h00

11 February 2019

Business Management for Counselling Practice

3 CPD points by CPSC

Adhering to Ethics Made Practical

5 CPTD points by SACE

My Money 123 – Financial Literacy Programme

Sponsored by FPI

12 February 2019

Emotional First Aid for Trauma Responders

3 CPD points by CPSC

Wellness and Self-care

5 CPTD points by SACE

Professionalism and Professional Bodies

2 CPD points by CPSC

Sponsored by AFS

13 February 2019

Hope and Embitterment

3 CPD points by CPSC

Basic Trauma Support When Working With Adults

5 CPTD points by SACE

 Venue:  Manyano Methodist Centre, 20 Sanddrift St, Mernoleon, Paarl  (

Cost per session: R 400-  

Bonus Sessions are free is you have paid for at least two of the three hour sessions.

Click here to book

Inquiries: Dr Louw 0837001441 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Inter Trauma Nexus' team are working as normal, although we are not as mobile. During the state of emergency our services will be available. We are actually expanding by offering two new projects. The first is sponsored online workshops, in Afrikaans and English, for trauma support in this disaster period. The second is daily newsletters for Friends of Inter Trauma Nexus  or Vriende van Inter Trauma Nexus.

Let me share the most urgent project first.

Support in a Disaster is an online workshop that will be offered to assist you in this state of emergency. We are passionate to work towards wellness beyond the consulting room.

Dates: 26 March to 26 April 2020. You can enrol at any time, and join the daily sessions.

Cost: Free of charge, but your donation will assist Inter Trauma Nexus to help victims and make resources like these two workshop and crisis counselling sessions available to the traumatized public.

Issues that will be addressed are as follows:

  • How to get through the current disaster/state of emergency.
  • Aspects of preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Key characteristics and behaviour in a disaster.
  • The specific feature of stress in the midst of the lifestyle changes and grief reactions.
  • Survivor’s responses.
  • Reactions that signal the need for counselling or other mental health interventions.
  • Vicarious trauma.

The workshop will be presented in daily sessions to allow agility to adapt and address upcoming issues, as we move through this season in our lives.

Participant’s register on line and have to complete a task everyday as proof of active involvement.

The workshop co-ordinator is Dr Barbara Louw, the CEO of Inter Trauma Nexus. She is the author of numerous books and project manuals. She is renowned for her research and practical field work on various aspects of posttraumatic stress and embitterment reactions.

Rev Wynand Louw is the advisor tasked with financial and governance issues that might arise. He will also be dealing with pastoral related matters in order to equip and encourage ministers and pastoral counsellors through this time.

We trust that this online workshop will help you stay grounded and motivated.

Gone are the days of doing a three or four year degree or diploma to set your career path. Members of professional bodies in South Africa has to complete mandatory annual Continued Professional Development training.

There are a number of benefits to attend CPD training and attending accredited workshops:

  1. The fact that you leave your office with the expectancy to learn new things creates anticipation that stimulates your mind to be open for fresh approaches, techniques and exciting original research in your field of practice.
  2. Attending such a workshop lets you rub shoulders with colleagues and like-minded people and in so doing you enhance your professional network. This is a great opportunity to meet new people.
  3. Face-to-face training allows you to focus your attention on important knowledge without the interruption of the telephone, kids, students or clients, for a specific and limited time frame. This single-mindedness allows maximum absorption of information that is necessary for your professional enhancement and skills development.
  4. These training session should give you a new appreciation for how far you have advanced, as well as challenge you to attempt new and creative strategies.
  5. CPD training is aimed at allowing you to apply new skills and research in your profession in personal and creative ways.
  6. The last benefit is the fact that this is an opportunity for you to share, formally or informally, what you have learned it practice. Your contribution in a class/workshop/seminar or over a cup of tea with a colleague is most valuable.
  7. Aquilla Training is committed to use a transpart marketing strategy, which means you know what workshops and products cost.


No hidden fees 01

Workshops 2019

In 2019 Inter Trauma Nexus in conjunction with Aquilla Wellness Solutions, Aquilla Financial Solutions and Financial Planning Institute (FPI) will be conductiong workshops through out South Africa, approved by South African Council for Educators (SACE); Council for Pastoral and Spititual Counsellors (CPSC); Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP) and others.

The workshops' title, detail as well as the number of CPD's allocated by various professional bodies will be share, with the link to a complete, colourful brochure and map. You will thus be in the position to plan your programme and budget for the next tour. Of course your budget is an important consideration and our commitment is to make the workshop fees as affordable and accessable as possible.

The main facilitators are Dr Barbara Louw & Rev Wynand Louw.


Inter Trauma Nexus is partner to the establishment and launch of Aquilla Training. This is a joint venture, which formally configure the training services in an exciting collaboration.

Group photo Small

Thank you to all the delegates how joined us for the launch and the two complimentary workshops.

For more detail about the accredited workshops visit Aquilla Training.

The topics we included for 2019 are:

1. Adhering to Ethics made Practical (SACE 5 CPTD points)
2. Basic Trauma Support when working with Children (SACE 5 CPTD points)
3. Basic Trauma Support when working with Adults (SACE 5 CPTD points)
4. Trauma Relief for Management (SACE 5 CPTD points)
5. Victim Empowerment (SACE 5 CPTD points)
6. Wellness and Self-care (SACE 5 CPTD points)
7. Embitterment in the Workplace (CPSC 4 CPD points)
8. Hope and Embitterment (CPSC 4 CPD points)
9. Bitterness, Revenge and Resiliency (CPSC 4 CPD points)
10. Posttraumatic Wellness Model for Counsellors (CPSC 4 CPD points)
11. Financial Literacy Programme (Sponsored)
12. Business Management for Counselling Practice (CPSC 3 CPD points)
13. Risk Management for Practice (CPSC 2 CPD points)
14. Emotional First Aid for Trauma Responders (CPSC 4 CPD points)
15. Professionalism and Professional Bodies (CPSC 2 CPD points)
16. Diversity Awareness and Sensitive Support (SACE CPTD points pending)
17. Roles and Responsibilities when serving on Board and Committees (SACE CPTD points pending)
18. Principles of Coaching and Mentoring (SACE CPTD points pending)

These workshops are structured to be as accessible and affordable as possible for people working with people. We envisage that the participants will be teachers, counsellors, pastors, ministers, social workers, auxiliary workers, students and community members. In the process of compiling the topics, we consulted with teachers in government and independents schools, pastors, counsellors, members of EAPASA, CPSC, UASA and NAPTOSA, as well as personnel from various universities.

Workshop will be presentedin the following areas:

Gauteng, Pretoria (Various dates from January to November 2019)
Gauteng, East Rand (Various dates from February to November 2019)
Gauteng, West Rand (Various dates from February to November 2019)

Western Cape, Paarl (February 2019)
Eastern Cape, Graaff Reinet (October 2019)
Northwest Province, Potchefstroom (March 2019)
Limpopo, Polokwane (Pietersburg) (May 2019)
Mpumalanga, Mbombela (Nelspruit) (June 2019)
Gauteng, Vereniging (July 2019)
Northern Cape, Upington (July 2019)
Northern Cape, Kimberley (July 2019)
Kwazulu-Natal, Durban (August 2019)
Kwazulu-Natal, Pietermartizburg (August 2019)
Kwazulu-Natal, Newcastle (August 2019)
Eastern Cape, Jeffrey’s Bay (September 2019)
Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth (September 2019)
Eastern Cape, East London (September 2019)
Western Cape, Cape Town Area (October 2019)
Western Cape, George (October 2019)
Free State, Bloemfontein (October 2019)

More venues will be added during the course of the year. If you need spaecial training in your area contact us and we will get in touch with you

We are committed to provide excellent professional development training.