Inter Trauma Nexus' team are working as normal, although we are not as mobile. During the state of emergency our services will be available. We are actually expanding by offering two new projects. The first is sponsored online workshops, in Afrikaans and English, for trauma support in this disaster period. The second is daily newsletters for Friends of Inter Trauma Nexus  or Vriende van Inter Trauma Nexus.

Let me share the most urgent project first.

Support in a Disaster is an online workshop that will be offered to assist you in this state of emergency. We are passionate to work towards wellness beyond the consulting room.

Dates: 26 March to 26 April 2020. You can enrol at any time, and join the daily sessions.

Cost: Free of charge, but your donation will assist Inter Trauma Nexus to help victims and make resources like these two workshop and crisis counselling sessions available to the traumatized public.

Issues that will be addressed are as follows:

  • How to get through the current disaster/state of emergency.
  • Aspects of preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Key characteristics and behaviour in a disaster.
  • The specific feature of stress in the midst of the lifestyle changes and grief reactions.
  • Survivor’s responses.
  • Reactions that signal the need for counselling or other mental health interventions.
  • Vicarious trauma.

The workshop will be presented in daily sessions to allow agility to adapt and address upcoming issues, as we move through this season in our lives.

Participant’s register on line and have to complete a task everyday as proof of active involvement.

The workshop co-ordinator is Dr Barbara Louw, the CEO of Inter Trauma Nexus. She is the author of numerous books and project manuals. She is renowned for her research and practical field work on various aspects of posttraumatic stress and embitterment reactions.

Rev Wynand Louw is the advisor tasked with financial and governance issues that might arise. He will also be dealing with pastoral related matters in order to equip and encourage ministers and pastoral counsellors through this time.

We trust that this online workshop will help you stay grounded and motivated.