Our management team gets many request from various people who would like to speak to victims of one or another crime. This is totally out of the question.

Inter Trauma Nexus has a very strict confidentiallity policy and we adhere to POPI legislation.

We take the confidentiality of our clients and affiliates very serious. This means that we don't give marketeers, journalists, students and researches access to any or specific cases.



Posttraumatic Reminders

Many people dread the beginning of a new year. For them it is the worst time of the year, because this time is filled with lots of emotional triggers that we would rather avoid. Some associate this time with the death of loved ones or the separation because of divorce or emigration of family members.

The emotional triggers and loneliness are made worse by an inability to connect to the people around them, because of deep rooted emotions such as fear, grief, rage and bitterness. We can be lonely in our own company as well as in the midst of colleagues, friends and family.



Suicide Risk

Existing psychiatric diagnosis

•Suicidal ideation and plan

•Prior attempt(s) and deliberate self-harm

•Anxiety and depression



This is a very serious question. It seems as though some people prefer very complex and mystical solutions to dealing with traumatic experiences. It appears as though they what to attempt all kinds of treatment and therapy. As long as someone else makes them feel better and they have to do as little as possible. Yes, true quick fixes are preferable, on the one side. On the other hand, others seem to want to stay in therapy as long as possible, because the longer stay in therapy shows that you had a really big, traumatic experience.