This is an article by Dr Barbara Louw, posted on our ministry network site, the Association of Christian Ministries that may be an inspiration to you in this season.

It is nearly Spring in Pretoria. Not too cold and not too warm and my garden is filled with promises of renewed beauty as the season changes.

I realize that seasons also change in ministry. We started with great zeal and passion. Academic studying, training people and practical ministry to make a difference in people's lives became part of everyday life. All the wins, losses, successes, and disappointments are moments that add up to who I am as a counsellor.

Over time, I went through many changes in my ministry life, family life and who I became. These changes are not signs of failure, but they are opportunities to heal, grow and thrive. Being open to change allows me to get rid of toxic relationships and futile habits. That being said, there are endless possibilities to living your God-given calling.

When we became comfortable in the rut of life, we cannot enjoy a healthy, loving relationship with our Heavenly Father. We become lethargic because ... Read the complete article.