Rev. Wynand Louw, Chairman of Inter Trauma Nexus


Wynand Louw was born and raised on the West Coast of South Africa. He served in the South African Air Force for 7 years whilst being a diligent student in a number of diverse disciplines. In 1984 he married Barbara and they were ordained as ministers in 1985. Their ministry included Youth Ministry, Coffee Bar Ministry, training evangelists and pastoring the Pretoria Christian Centre, in Sunnyside, for a number of years during a time of great political change in South Africa.

The winds of change also blew over their ministry and God opened doors for them to expand their ministry to work with traumatized people and victims' rights.

Wynand also made his mark in the financial sector and besides his leadership in ministry he has a growing financial services practice.

During all these years in the ministry he has blessed many people with this wisdom, patience, advice and help with practical matters. He was/is instrumental in the successful running of Inter Trauma Nexus for more than a decade.

Currently he is a member of the Advisory Board of the Association of Christian Counsellors in South Africa. He assisted other ministries and community organization to register, set-up and develop their policies and financial systems to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements.

He holds qualifications in Engineering, Theology, Financial Service and he is a MBA Candidate. He is a registered Skills Development Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator.

Wynand wrote a number of training manuals in various fields and is a co-author of a number of books. He is a regular speaker at conference both National and International on a variety of topics of which the latest are 'Put Trauma behind you', 'The Value of Values' and 'The war in my wallet'.