The team at Inter Trauma Nexus faithfully kept on working to serve our clients deuring the COVID-19 lockdown.

In October 2019 we started to publish workshops online. Fortunately, we formed the necessary partnerships to create Aquilla Training earlier last year. These were the two most important decisions allowing us to help people during this time. We are serving people by presenting the Support during a disaster and Ondersteuning gedurende 'n ramp free of charge. Another venture that we enbarked on is the daily electronic newsletters for the friends on Inter Trauma Nexus.

The workshops and newsletters are sponsored by our staff and donors to help as many people as possible. Our commitment remains to comfort, challenge and encourage people. The ministry focus is to see people as capable and creative people who may sometimes go through hard time, but by the grace of God we can help people to put the pain and trauma behind them. The workshops and newsletters are tools to help you to become well and whole.

"The therapeutic value of art and play is my latest online workshop for teachers, parents, counsellors and people who enjoyed being kids. We looks at the value of spontaneous play and art making, as well as the value of folk art in our communities. This workshop will give you a new perspective on how valuable art, craft and play can be without burdening anyone for an artificial outcome. We explore spontaneous art and natural play; handicraft; folk art and culture as tools of self-expression and creativity, leading to healing, learning and wholesome pleasure. (Afrikaans - Therpeutiese waarde kan kuns en speel)