Inter Trauma Nexus is Christian Ministry Network offering multi-professional support, mentoring and coaching.

We utilize the services of pastors, church leaders, social workers, legal advisors, traumatologists, business advisors, various other professionals and community volunteers.

We specialize in encouraging co-workers and ministers; Victim support; Trauma  relief and Crisis management; specialized pastoral counselling; coaching and mentoring people to achieve Wellness and Wholeness.

In a nutshel: "We help you to come into a dynamic relationship with God."


Our motto:


Wellness in Life

Wholeness in Leadership.

We aim to:

Instill hope in our clients.

Respect and strengthen the healing relationship.

Engage clients in a collaborative process of mutual learning.

Help the client to find greater insight and increase motivation to constructive change.


Video clip about Inter Trauma Nexus

Conversation about Trauma


By the grace of God, there is always hope!