14 May 2021

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Christian Counseling is rooted in the Bible and a two-thousand year tradition of loving pastoral care to facilitate the kind of cure

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The workshops are aimed at expanding the professional development of pastors, teachers, social ...

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Inter Trauma Nexus offers a professional supervision program for counsellors, pastors and care workers. There will be an information sharing session on 20 February 2020 at 14h00

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Inter Trauma Nexus is launching the Association for Chritian Ministries.

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Warning Signs of Social Media and Internet Addiction:
Compulsive use of the internet
Failed attempts to control behaviour

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In My Hartswysheid en kopkennis gesels Ds Wynand Louw en Dr Barbara Louw daagliks oor heelpersoon welstand vanuit insiggewende verskillende perspektiewe.

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These books give you an overview of dealing with trauma, embitterment, employee assistance and employee wellness...

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Most people expect to walk into a counsellor’s office and after an hour emerge problem free,

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Wellbeing Challenge 3 small

Thank you for joining the project and for your feedback.

 Dr Barbara Louw presented the 10 Days Wellbeing Challenge for you to re-kindle you inner self-worth.The goal was to offer a little encouragement to follow through on your choices to be well.

Here follow an overview of the daily posts.



No content in this programme, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified professional.

The content is based on Dr Barbara Louw's Wholistic Wellness Coaching Model design to deal with wellbeing and posttraumatic issues.

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Our Focus

We help people to put the trauma behind them and grow towards wholeness.

After 23+ years of ministry we are still committed to empowering people to help others. There is a growing need in various South African communities for formal and informal training. We are expanding our network base to be able to share more theoretical knowledge and offer practical skills transfer to equip community member to offer practical victim support. Training include personal and professional development training as well as adult skills training.

Looking for more information on training.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Our Coaching and Mentoring programme offers the opportunity for contracted partnership for selected professional affiliates and students.

The programme includes skills transfer, supervision, ongoing practical input from our management team as well as the prospect be part of Inter Trauma Nexus’ referral network.

Once again, thank you for support and participation. We hope you enjoy the 2021 training and look forward to walking the road with you.