Information about Inter Trauma Nexus’ relationship with the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (SAQA ID: 984)

Inter Trauma Nexus became an ASCHP registered CPD Provider at the end of 2017. This means we offer our own programs and these programs are registered at the Professional Body for certification.

The ASCHP is proud to serve as professional body for counsellors in SA who work on primary health care level. This professional body was recently registered at the South African Qualifications Framework - a statutory body for the implementation of the NQF (SAQA ID 984). The ASCHP provides a much necessary regulatory framework for counsellors in South Africa with reference to professional guidelines and ethical code. This could also make the Continued Professional Development training (CPD) acceptable options for other professionals such as teachers, pastors, social workers and psychologists.

The objective of the professionalization of the counselling profession include:
- The promotion of public understanding of, and trust in, the counselling profession.
- To promote pride in association for all professions
- Encourage social responsibility and accountability with the counselling profession relating to professional services communities and individuals.
- Promote the protection of the public from malpractice related to the fulfilment of the professional duties and responsibilities
- Encourage international leading practice and raising of esteem for the counselling profession
- Facilitate access to, and analysis of data related to professions
- Support the development of a national career advice system

CPD training stems from the NQF policy requires that all health professionals must comply with continuous professional development. Professional bodies determine the amount of CPD’s required for professional members. The annual number of CPD points is determined by the category of registration.  The value is that the training keeps the practitioner up to date with the counselling tools and techniques, and informs members of the latest research and legislation. All members are required to complete a certain number of CPD points per annum in order to maintain membership status.

Dr Barbara Louw, our CEO, is one of the facilitators who present ASCHP CPD training. She is involved in following CPD tour planned for 2018.


(Please note that these are not the only CPD training sessions presented by the ASCHP CPD.

The 2018 CPD Prospectus and CPD tour workshp registration form can be downloaded.


Gone are the days of doing a three or four year degree or diploma to set your career path. Members of professional bodies in South Africa has to complete mandatory annual Continued Professional Development training.

There are a number of benefits to attend CPD training:

  1. The fact that you leave your office with the expectancy to learn new things creates anticipation that stimulates your mind to be open for fresh approaches, techniques and exciting original research in your field of practice.
  2. Attending such a workshop lets you to rub shoulders with colleagues and like-minded people and in so doing you enhance your professional network. This is a great opportunity to meet new people.
  3. Face-to-face training allows you to focus your attention on important knowledge without the interruption of the telephone, kid, students or clients, for a specific and limited time frame. This single-mindedness allows maximum absorption of information that is necessary for your professional enhancement and skills development.
  4. These training session should give you a new appreciation for have far you advanced, as well as challenge you to attempt new and creative strategies.
  5. CPD training is aimed at allowing you to apply new skills and research in your profession in personal and creative ways.
  6. The last benefit is the fact that this is an opportunity for you to share, formally or informally, what you have learned it practice. You contribution in a class/workshop/seminar or over a cup of tea with a colleague is most valuable.

I hope that next time you receive an invitation for CPD training that you will see the benefits for enhancing your career, as well as personal development.